SIPsocial Connection

SIPsocial Connection

SIPsocial site owners who live in the same neighborhood can have their SIP phones connected by means of the Internet as shown in the above drawing or they can collaborate to build a SIPsocial Mesh Network as shown below.

SIPsocial Mesh Network

SIP Neighborhood Mesh Network 1 gateway

In a neighborhood Wi-Fi mesh network, each access node connect to several neighboring access nodes and on to an Internet access node such as wired NAT, LTE NAT and WiMAX NAT.  The drawings shows only one NAT type for simplicity, LTE NAT and WiMAX NAT should work equally well. 

The Internet access node aggregates the mesh network traffic and sends it on to the Internet. SIPsocial also work with multiple NATs as shown in the below drawing.

Compared to the large fiber optic or coaxial cable networks that are centrally managed by the Internet service providers, a neighborhood mesh network is decentralized — everyone in the neighborhood contributes network resources and collaborates to build and manage the neighborhood network. Neighborhood mesh network is an ideal network for SIPsocial to create free VoIP services.

When enough neighbors collaborate to build SIP neighborhood mesh network, they do not need to individually subscribe the Internet services but instead can share high bandwidth, cost-effective Internet accesses that are distributed in their neighborhood. 

Using multiple Internet access nodes with services provided by different network technologies (4G, fiber optic, coaxial cable), neighborhood network can optimize network performance by routing traffic toward the least used nodes and avoiding the congested ones. Multiple Internet access nodes create a fault-tolerant SIP VoIP service because when one of the Internet access node is down, other Internet access nodes will pick up the traffic and transport them to the Internet. This will assure that the SIP VoIP services is always on.

To review and compare Internet access node, see list of Internet access node NAT / Firewall Devices.

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SIP Neighborhood Mesh Network 2 gateways