On-Net SIP VoIP Call

On-Net Call Two SIPsocial

SIP within intranet:
Two SIPsocial sites are deployed in one Muni Wireless network as shown in the above diagram. One SIP phone can register with one or many SIPsocial sites. 

SIP over internet
In the configuration shown below, there is one SIPsocial site in each Muni Wireless network. Two SIP Muni Wireless networks connect their SIP Networks of phones over the Internet.  

In the above drawing, SIPsocial sites connect and communicate with each other without going through the NAT / firewall.  The SIP phones registered with the SIPsocial sites are on the same Muni Wireless network.  Their on-net calls work just like the off-net calls by the phones in below diagram.  Off-net calls occur when SIP phones from Municipal 1, shown in the below drawing, call SIP phones in Municipal 2.

Wi-Fi Mesh points to Web sites with information about municipal wireless networks.

Off-Net SIP VoIP Call

Off-Net Call