SIPsocial AOR

SIPsocial AOR (Address Of Record) is used to identify a SIP phone user.  SIPsocial AOR is the concatenation of the user name, the at sign (@), and the name of the SIPsocial site.  The site administrator installs SIPsocial and, during the installation, provides the site with a name which will be used as part of the AOR.  For example, Robert Smith may create a few AORs for himself as shown below. The site name "theSmiths" is provided by Robert during SIPsocial installation.   

In the above example, the site name is "theSmiths" and the user names are Robert, Bob and Rob.  In the same manner, Alice Jones installed her own SIPsocial site which she called "theJoneses" and named her AOR as:


Alice connects her site (the Joneses) with Robert's site (theSmiths) as shown in Connect SIPsocial. Once connected, the site will have access to the other site's AORs and can use them in making SIP VoIP calls.

SIPsocial URI

The SIP URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is formed by prefixing the AOR with "sip:" as shown here:


SIPsocial URIs is used in making SIP VoIP call.  When friends want to call Bob, they enter Bob's URI to dial.  

Using SIPsocial, everyone can create their own identities, without permission from any naming authority. SIPsocial URIs are truly decentralized because they operate without a centralized registration system.  They are very much like the Web URIs.

The Web uses URIs as the basis for global hypertext system of documents in which unique URIs are means to locate the documents.  The same approach was applied to SIPsocial URI.  SIPsocial URIs are unique within a SIP Social Network and used by the SIP Social Network to locate the SIPsocial sites, the registered phones and the phone users.  

Other Alternatives to Phone Number

SIPsocial URI identifies the SIP phone user (the person).  In contrast, PSTN phone number identifies the PSTN phone.  Some other identification methods are presented in the phone number article Phone Number .