SIP Network of Phones

SIP Network of phones

SIPsocial software is an application of  ICI technology that was developed as a solution to enable SIP VoIP for social networks. Its deployment behind a NAT /  firewall creates a SIP Network (SN) of phones as illustrated in the above drawing.  SIP Networks communicate using ICI protocols to build SIPsocial Connections as shown in the below drawing.

SIP Social Connection

Each SIP Network manages the site's SIP phones and AORs in a distributed architecture fashion, which means each controls their own network activities including adding or deleting AORs, selecting SIP phone models and the call services that the phones can provide.

A SIP Network may be added to a network of SIP Networks called SIP Social Network. Neither SIP Network nor SIP Social Network requires centralized registry or administration. A SIP Network in being part of a SIP Social Network doesn't need to concern itself with any compliance that may be superimposed or remotely controlled by other SIP Networks.

SIP Social Network

SIP Social Network

SIP Network uses SIPsocial to establish connection with other SNs at different Internet locations to create a SIP Social Network. A SIP social network of SNs expands by adding more SNs to the network. Two established SIP social networks can merge by connecting the two sets of SNs. 

One remarkable feature of SIP Network is that the ownership, control, and operation of the network can be distributed widely. Anyone can attach a SIP Network to the Internet and then link it to other SIP Networks to be part of a SIP Social Network.

SIP Network can be deployed or removed without interrupting services of the Internet or other SIP Networks.  

Once linked to the Internet, SIP Network would in effect be talking to the public, but the public in the SIPsocial setting is limited by those SIP Networks (i.e., the SIP Social Network) that the SIP Network connected to.  In contrast,  e-mail accounts or accounts with the Web social networks are visible to the public. 

The privacy of the SIP Network is protected and only shared with mutual inclusive connections.