Inter-Carrier Interface (ICI) Technology

Network Address Translation (NAT) translates IP addresses between private and public addressing spaces and it only allows communications to initiate from private addressing space. NAT deployment broke the end-to-end SIP model and created many problems for SIP deployments and implementations.   The IETF has had intensive analysis of SIP problems created by NAT and provided many solutions. See NAT RFCs.

Applying ICI Technology, SIPsocial software was designed to provide solutions to the problems created by the broken SIP end-to-end model.  SIPsocial creates a private SIP Network of phones call SIP Network, it uses NAT / firewall for security and it enforces the privacy of the SIP Network with PKI Technology.

SIP Network and its implementation are described in the following pages:

Intellectual Property Notice
    • Inter-Carrier Interface (ICI) technology is covered by US patent 8,443,082.
    • SIPsocial is a product of SIPbiz LLC.