Get Public IP Address

SIPsocial can be installed in a computer connected to the public Internet or a private network.  

If the computer that hosts SIPsocial is in the Internet, SIPsocial uses the public IP address of the host in its communications with remote sites.  When the host computer is in a private network behind a NAT device, SIPsocial can't use the host's private IP address to network with other SIPsocial sites outside of the private network.  It needs the public IP address that was assigned to the NAT device.  

Use the "Get Public IP Address" button, shown in the below picture, to retrieve the NAT's public IP address. When the resulting public IP address shows up in the Status Message line at the bottom of the SIPsocial screen, click the "Update Status" button to update the Site IP Address field in the Network Connection listing tab.  After this outbound address update, SIPsocial will still continue to use the host's private IP address to communicate with devices, SIP phones or other SIPsocial sites, that are connected to the private network.

Two SIPsocial sites installed in a private network don't need NAT's public IP address to communicate with each other.