Connect SIPsocial sites

The remote SIPsocial site name and address must be added to the Network Connection list, shown below, before it can be connected.

The remote SIPsocial site must provide:
  • site name
  • IP address
  • public key - by means of PKI certificate
Site name and IP address are entered through the below input screen. PKI certificate provided by the remote SIPsocial site must be kept in "certificates" directory under "lib" directory in installation directory "SIPsocial", and imported to truststore.

If the remote SIPsocial site is behind a NAT, the public IP address of the remote NAT must be used.  See Get Public IP Address.

Two connecting SIPsocial sites can be in one of these configurations:
  1. they are in public Internet, 
  2. they are connected to the same private network,
  3. they are connected to different private networks which connected via the Internet,
  4. one connected to a private network and the other to the public Internet.
There is no special connectivity action needed for configuration 1 and 2.  The connection between the sites in these configuration can be initiated by clicking the "Connect" button from one of the sites.

The site connected to a private network in configuration 4 or one of the sites in configuration 3 must initiate the connection establishment by clicking the "Connect" button.  It waits until a timeout error shows up in the Status Message line at the bottom of the Network Connection screen.  When the timeout error occurs, the NAT port is open and that is when the connection request from the remote site will be able to get through.

The administrators of the SIP Networks must be able to inform each other about the occurrence of the timeout at the site and initiate the connect request from the remaining site.  For that, they need another real time communication tool like online chat or text messaging.

Once the connection is established, it stays connected until a disconnect request, by clicking "Disconnect" button,  is generated by either side.

History of the site's connectivity status.

In a successful connection attempt, the connection setup time is reported in the Status Message line.

The error in this Status Message line occurs when the remote's certificate is not in truststore.  The certificate from the remote SIPsocial must be obtained and imported to the truststore before attempting to connect.

Delete a site name from the Network Connection list also prevents the site from trying to connect.