PKI Certificate

The SIPsocial site name created during the site installation will be the site identity.  The PKI certificate is also named after the site name.

The site's public key and other information are recorded in the PKI certificate.  The certificate is kept in directory "certificate".  The certificate must be sent to the remote SIPsocial site in order to establish connection with that site.

The installation process creates keystore to keep the private key and truststore to keep the certificates of the trusted (allowed to connect) SIPsocial sites.  

The below error message in the Status Message line means the remote certificate was not imported to the truststore. The certificate received from the remote must be kept in "certificates" directory and then imported to truststore using the Site Admin sub-menu.

The trusted certificates that were imported.

Use the "Delete Imported Certificate" sub-menu item of the Site Admin Menu to remove a remote certificate from the truststore  to prevent the remote site from reconnecting to the SIPsocial site. This function remove the imported certificate from the truststore.  Use the delete command to delete the certificate form the directory "certificate".