CIS cryptoText available now      

        CIS cryptoText Functions
  • encrypt text messages and their attached files end-to-end
  • support multiple Android users in real-time secure communications 

     CIS cryptoText Features
  • CALEA law compliance
  • "Front door" access for LEA
  • Strong encryption without "back door" breaches

The Quickstart guide (attached below) will show you how CIS cryptoText works.
To try out the app, please contact us to get your demo copy.

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SIPbiz products are based on Cyberspace Identity System (CIS). CIS enhances privacy and cybersecurity protection through mutual inclusive connectivity. CIS works in tandem to uniquely provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. Applied Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology standard, CIS creates self-sign X.509 Certificate to build trusted communities of networks based on mutually agreed connectivity, while working together to exclude inappropriate membership and intruders.

In January 2018, SIPbiz released a new product built on CIS. The new CIS cryptoText is a text messaging communication app for multiple users with end-to-end message and attachment encryption.

CIS cryptoText is CALEA compliant.

We market our software product, solutions and services to the federal government agencies, the federal contractors and commercial enterprises. We are based in the Washington DC metro area:
6564 Loisdale Court, Suite 600
Springfield, VA 22150


The technology team is led by CTO Hien Van Nguyen. Our advisory board includes William Stallings, PhD and Cory Beard, PhD.

Mr. Nguyen developed TCP/IP applications, including Telnet client and server, under contract with Defense Communications Agency (now DISA) when he was with Honeywell Federal Systems, Inc. He analyzed the performance of PKI X.509 certificate infrastructure using simulation models while he was with Lockheed Martin's Defense Message System project. He has an MS in Computer Science from George Mason University. 

Dr. Stallings is an independent consultant whose clients have included computer and networking manufacturers and customers, software development firms, and leading-edge government research institutions. He was involved in the development of TCP/IP products for US military while working at Honeywell Federal Systems, Inc. He is the author of numerous computer science textbooks including well-regarded textbooks on cryptography, network security, and computer security. His textbooks have won numerous awards. Dr. Stallings holds a PhD from M.I.T. in Computer Science and a B.S. from Notre Dame in electrical engineering.

More on Dr. Stallings' bio at and

Cory Beard received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas.  He is an associate professor of Computer Science Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His areas of expertise are in the areas of emergency services in wireless networks, wireless cellular opportunistic scheduling, wireless cooperative relaying, resilient networks, and performance assurance for service oriented architectures.  Before pursuing his Ph.D., Dr. Beard worked as a project electrical engineer for Black & Veatch consulting engineers.

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Intellectual Property

Our legal counsel for Intellectual Property, Licensing and Contract is Dale Lazar, Partner, DLA Piper LLP. Mr. Lazar counsels on intellectual property matters concerning a variety of technologies. He concentrates his practice in patenting electronic technology, patenting and copyrighting computer hardware and software, litigating patents and copyrights, negotiating and drafting licenses for patents and software and preparing software-related agreements. Mr. Lazar has also been involved in analyzing electronic and computer-related patents and copyright for infringement and validity.

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